What is Pan Dulce Anyways

Dulce Crate sells this thing called Pan Dulce, but what exactly is Pan Dulce?

Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread)

 Pan dulce ( "sweet bread") are pastries of Mexico . One of the first non-native foods that was introduced to Mexico by Spain was wheat, a Spanish religious necessity. The creation of sweet bread was influenced by the French and Spaniards who were the ones that introduced baked goods such as crispy rolls, baguettes, and sweet pastries to Mexico. This inspired the indigenous peoples to create different types of panes dulces such as besos, conchas, and cuernos amongst others. The bread is considered to be one of Mexico's most inexpensive treats and is consumed daily as breakfast or late supper, known as merienda.

Pan Dulce is still considered to be a Mexican treat even though many of its roots are found in Europe. Many places in Latin America and Europe have adopted many of the same sweet breads, but it's still in Mexico where they take new shapes and forms. They are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of different Pan Dulces 

Pan Dulce can be found in many states in southwest America due to migration and adapation! 

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